My Dad’s favorite Candy is Now Keto Friendly

My dad is diabetic. After years of me trying to convince him to try keto, he finally started. He has been doing great a little over a month but still has cravings. I sincerely want him to be successful and heal his body. So I am constantly looking for alternatives to his favorite things. He has a major sweet tooth. A family member tagged him in a post about favorite candy being Chick-o-sticks. My first thought was “Oh no, another thing he will be upset he can’t have!” So at midnight, I went on a hunt for keto-friendly Chick-o-sticks. I found them!!!! The best part he loves them!!! Yay for keto friendly candy!

***Please note. This candy uses sugar substitutes that can impact blood sugar or insulin levels. The best way to know if these will kick you out of ketosis is to check before and an hour after eating them. These are treats and should be eaten sparingly and in small amounts.

You can get them here!

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