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How to Stick with it and stay motivated!

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What is your why? The below the surface why? Not just to lose weight answer. Is it to feel more confident, to be able to be active in your life, not just in the stands. Do you want to be healthy so you can be around longer, enjoy family life more. Confidence to further your career. Less pain from being overweight and inflamed?

These are the things you can focus on when faced with temptation. Early on in your keto journey cravings are worse while becoming fat adapted. 5 htp can help some with cravings, mood and sleep. But your main resource is thinking on your why. If you have a keto coach or accountability partner then reach out to them as if you were addicted. Because chances are you are addicted to sugar and carbohydrates.

It is ok to ask people to accommodate you. If you are going to meet a friend for a meal, they are wanting to be with you. So it is ok to recommend a restaurant that you know is keto safe for you. If you know you can’t resist the chips and salsa avoid mexican restaurants or ask your friend if it is ok to ask that the chips and salsa not be on the table. If the rolls or bread at your favorite steakhouse are too much a temptation ask they that don’t bring them. Remember that the people in your life that care will want you to be happy and healthy. One meal without bread or chips on the table isn’t going to ruin your friendship. If you were an alcoholic would you request your friend to please not have a drink in front of you until you are further in your recovery. It isn’t selfish to take care of yourself.

let's do it, reminder, post note

Lean on your support system and tell your friends about your lifestyle changes. If someone isn’t supportive they probably aren’t supportive in other areas. You can do this! I believe in you! There is so much more to life than food. And there are so many tasty alternatives. You can see on this page we celebrated with keto cupcakes. We have had cheesecake and blackberry cobblers that were keto friendly. May take a little extra planning but isn’t your healthy worth it. Aren’t you worth it!!!

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