Apple Cider Vinegar has great health benefits. These capsules are my favorite. Highly recommended when starting Keto!

Apple cider vinegar has great health benefits. But if you are like me, you have trouble getting the liquid versions down the hatch. My husband has no problems drinking the apple cider vinegar but I prefer this method. Benefits of ACV Helps balance the PH levels in the body. Helps move calcium through the body to be better utilized. Potassium is retained so levels increase, cleanses the body of waste of too much protein, and it supports the immune system.  

MCT oil in also in these capsules. (medium chain triglyceride) the BHB salts are exogenous ketos and really don’t help your body except if a marathon runner or to use by your brain. It will impact your urine ketones in a few hours. But these ketones aren’t made by your body so they do not mean you are burning fat.  You can order these ACV capsules from Amazon here.

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