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Hi! I am April Satterfield. I am a certified health coach and founder of Eat Ketoish.  I am in my 40’s and struggle with weight since I was a teen. I thought there was something wrong with me.  I am excited about helping others who were like me. They did all the right things but the weight didn’t stay off. After getting discouraged, if you are like me you stop eating right and go back to your old ways. I thought I was just meant to be bigger, it was genetic, it ran in my family. I was wrong. 

After my husband had a heart attack in his 40’s we started to look for answers. Many months of research lead us to the knowledge that unlocked a healthy lifestyle. One that lead to us losing a combined total of 200lbs. I want to use this knowledge and my now years of research to help live a life of health. Weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy body.


In 2016, my son developed a rare autoimmune neurological disorder. At the same time my husband had heart attack in his early 40’s. This lead us to search for answers for a healthier lifestyle. I had health issues of my own. My issues were mostly digestive related. I had bleeding ulcers, hiatal hernia, scarred esophagus, increased risk for esophageal cancer, vomiting blood, gallbladder removal, and IBS. Can you believe I now only take apple cider vinegar. my esophagus is healed, my hiatal hernia isn’t a problem, I no longer have risk of esophageal cancer, No longer having IBS symptoms. I no longer have to take medicines that increased risk of developing other cancers. I no longer live in pain. Are you ready to trade your health issues for health and start living uninhibited.


We had attended traditional nutrition classes for heart patients. Followed all of their advice and found that even in a calorie deficit our weight started to come back. Then we started seeing information on keto. We took our time slowly cleaning up our diet.  In a year My husband lost 125lbs and I lost 75lbs. We have continued to keep the weight off. We feel better than we have in decades. My husband is also off all heart medications and his cardiologist is pleased with his health.

This is why I am so passionate about helping others on their health journeys. What I had been told my whole life about weight loss was so wrong. As a coach I want to help you understand and learn how to eat to being health. I will encourage, give advice, problem solve and more. I became aware of my sabotaging eating habits. How I used food as a coping mechanism. I want this transition to be life changing for you as it was for me. Each of us are individuals so we will have 1-1 and group support.

I am mostly keto but not radical. You will see some things that are low carb but not strict keto on this site, hence the name Eat Ketoish. I want this to be easy and sustainable for you.

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